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With the rapid advancement that has taken place in the Internet technology and industrial revolution, people have also realised the realm of web presence as a necessity and not a luxury. And if you own a website, nothing can be better. Having a website of your own offers you an avenue to showcase your products and services across the world with just a single click, and you can reach billions of millions of people round the globe and look forward to a successful business online. However, to make this dream come true, you would need to have the right kind of web hosting as well.

Web hosting is nothing but a service through which you can host your website and make it accessible to people interested in your products and services. You can find different types of web hosting services being offered by a number of web hosting companies (or providers) in the marketplace. Before you select one, you must acquaint yourself with these web hosting types to understand if they meet your needs.

Shared Web Hosting One of the cheapest web hosting types, a shared web hosting service requires you to share the same server for your different clients and your web hosting company will manage and monitor the server along with customer support. While shared hosting is affordable, you must ensure that the plan you choose must accompany the basic scripting languages, applications, control panel and so on.

Dedicated Web Hosting A dedicated web hosting is comparatively more sophisticated hosting type, as there is one dedicated server for each individual or client. You can rent out an entire server and use it entirely by yourself, and be provided with all resources to be able to host more than one website. Dedicated web hosting also ensure more reliability to the customers.

Windows Web Hosting In addition to choosing either of the above two key hosting types, you also need to consider the type of platform being supported under the hosting package you have opted for. The most commonly used platforms are that of Windows and Linux. While Windows web hosting support the features of the windows platform, the Linux web hosting supports the Linux platform.

eCommerce Web Hosting Besides the above, it is also imperative to know what is the intended goal of your website before you sign up with the best web hosting company. Is your website intended for personal or business use? Which would be the best web hosting service that would suit your website? eCommerce web hosting facilitates eCommerce tools for proper execution of online business.

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Explain Different Types Of Web Hosting

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This article was published on 2011/04/15