Top Features of Shared Hosting To Note

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Competition exists in all spheres of human life and you have to stay ahead of your competitors to remain relevant in any online business. Web hosting is an essential component of an online business and can bring success or spell doom if not properly utilized. In this regard, webmasters and business owners who plan to extend and operate their businesses online have the choice to either select from a variety of web hosting solutions that are offered by different web hosting companies. The two broad categories of hosting platforms is either shared or dedicated servers. Your choice of either of the two will be determined by several factors, among them your future plans and the costs.

Many people find shared web hosting ideal because it is cheap and hence does not cause a lot of financial pain to the webmasters and website owners. However, well established business venture will go straight to dedicated hosting as shared hosting has a pool of disadvantages to such you share the same server and hard disk space that is segmented with other websites. This is unlike dedicated servers where a website has its own servers, no sharing. Since one server is shared plus the CPU and hard disk space, the cost for running shared hosted website is pretty lower compared to dedicated hosting as enormous amount of space, memory and customized maintenance businesses.

There are several core features of shared hosting. The features of shared hosting vary from one web host to another. Most of them lets you choose the specifications and capabilities that you deem fit and suit your needs. Some of the key features you are likely to encounter are:

A Control Panel: You can adjust the settings of your website to your taste through the control panel. The appearance and the functionality can be changed whenever you so wish from the control panel.

Design Tools: Shared web hosting plans come with user-friendly design tools and templates that lets even the novices to come up and maintain a well designed and professionally looking and very functional website with ease and fast. You don’t have to be a web designer to polish up your site.

Email Features: To allow you to stay in touch with employees, customers as well as leads in a more professional way, email features are integrated in shared hosting. You can create mailing lists, automated emails and the most appropriate marketing strategies that will see the awareness of your website as well as customers and sales shoot through the roof.

Shared hosting is definitely an ideal choice for webmasters and website owners operating under a limited budget. Even though you share a server, it offers very important features that grant the website a professional look without having to bring down a bank. Further to that, you don’t have to be a technology geek to manage the website as it is very easy to manage it. You can use shared hosting as a stepping stone to dedicated server hosting 

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Webmasters today have a pool of hosting solutions to choose from. Shared hosting is one of the most common and most sought-after web hosting platforms. You can get better shared hosting packages from a variety of web hosting companies, all that you have to do is to search and select carefully.

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Top Features of Shared Hosting To Note

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Top Features of Shared Hosting To Note

This article was published on 2012/02/22